Omnichannel centralizationStrategies for efficient management in an omnichannel environment.
Multiple companies face a common but crucial problem every day: the information of their products is dispersed and disorganized.
As their businesses grow in the physical and online world, they find it difficult to maintain a vision Unified and updated your catalog.
The lack of centralization in the management of product information results in operational inefficiencies, inconsistencies in the presentation of products in different channels and a not optimal customer experience.
As technology experts, from Blink we propose a solution that is based on the implementation of a Product Information Management System (PIM).
We work with a leading product information management (PIM) platform that centralizes and organizes data such as descriptions, images, technical attributes and prices. Akeneo facilitates the structuring, enrichment and efficient collaboration between teams.
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Implementation process

Evaluation and custom design

We begin with a thorough analysis of current processes and customer needs. Based on this, we create a customized PIM solution for your business needs, ensuring consistency and accuracy of data across all sales channels.

We implemented Akeneo

As the basis of our strategy to manage product information. This platform allows us to centralize, standardize and enrich product information to suit each sales channel.

We work closely with the customer team

To migrate and standardize your current data in the new system. This involves clearing and standardizing attributes, as well as defining efficient workflows to ensure consistency and integrity of information.

Continuous training and support

We make sure to provide comprehensive training to key customer users in order to achieve successful adoption of the new system. We also provide ongoing support and expert advice to ensure that the customer can make the most of Akeneo’s capabilities over time.

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Advantages of efficient product management

SEO Optimization Online Visibility

By centralizing and enriching product information with our PIM solution, we not only improve operational efficiency, but also use advanced technologies to optimize SEO, increase online visibility and strengthen your brand identity.

Facilitating Collaboration and Efficient Communication

We facilitate vendor integration and catalog activation by easily collecting and sharing key product information with all parties involved. This streamlines catalog activation across multiple retailers and market channels.

Innovation and growth with modular solutions

Our advanced technology offers a variety of services, including images, product categorization using artificial intelligence (AI) and user-generated content. These services are designed to optimize your tools and encourage your business development.

Discover how efficientproduct managementcan make a difference!
How did IMECA overcome data dispersion with AKENEO?
Centralizing product data management for a cohesive omnichannel experience
Dispersed and disorganized product data presented significant challenges for IMECA.
Our IMECA client faced significant challenges due to the dispersion and disorganization of its product data. This hampered their ability to deliver a consistent and satisfying experience to their customers, both at physical outlets and on their e-commerce platform.
Aware of these challenges, IMECA decided to work with us to implement a comprehensive solution based on the PIM Akeneo platform. This case study examines how IMECA’s omnichannel operation was transformed by implementing this solution, enabling them to centralize, organize and optimize product information management. As a result, operational efficiency and customer experience experienced significant improvement.
Results of the implementation
  • Centralization and organization of product information:
    The Akeneo PIM solution allowed IMECA to centralize and efficiently organize product information, facilitating more accurate and efficient management of its catalog.
  • Consistent product presentation:
    IMECA can now consistently present its products across all sales channels, improving customer experience and reinforcing brand perception.
  • Internal process optimization:
    Akeneo's implementation has significantly reduced the time and resources used to manage product data, improving the efficiency of IMECA’s internal operations.
  • Greater agility and responsiveness:
    Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the Akeneo platform, IMECA has experienced greater agility and responsiveness to market changes. This allows them to quickly adjust to new demands and trends, giving them a competitive edge in their industry.
Our work successfully transformed IMECA’s approach to product information management, placing them for continuous growth and success in an increasingly competitive omnichannel environment.blink
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