Increasing efficiency and profitabilityPurchasing strategies with POWERBI and Procurement Management.
In a competitive business environment with tight margins, purchasing management becomes critical.
Controlling costs, identifying savings opportunities and managing suppliers is a challenge for companies.
As their businesses grow in the physical and online world, they find it difficult to maintain a vision unified and updated your catalog.
The lack of centralization in the management of product information results in operational inefficiencies, inconsistencies in the presentation of products in different channels and a not optimal customer experience.
At Blink we offer a comprehensive solution for companies with tight margins in purchasing management.
We use advanced technologies such as and tools management to provide accurate information on expenditures, identifying areas for improvement and savings opportunities.
Our solution optimizes every stage of the procurement process, from selection from suppliers to order management. We help our customers make smarter and more strategic decisions  on your purchases, maximizing your profitability and competitiveness in a dynamic market.
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Implementation process

Comprehensive assessment

We conduct a detailed assessment of each client’s specific needs and challenges, immersing ourselves in their business environment to thoroughly understand their operations. We identify areas for improvement and determine key optimization objectives.

Customization of the solution

We use the information obtained during the evaluation to customize our solution, adapting our tools to the unique requirements of each customer and ensuring their full satisfaction through tailor-made solutions.

Custom dashboard implementation in PowerBI

We develop and implement a custom dashboard in POWERBI, providing detailed and visual analysis on purchasing performance and facilitating informed and strategic decision-making for our customers.

Integration with procurement management tools

We integrate tools designed to optimize supplier management and procurement processes, improving efficiency in supplier selection, contract negotiation and order management. This contributes to a significant improvement in the profitability and competitiveness of our customers in the market.

Discover howefficient purchasing managementcan boost your profitability and competitiveness!
Integral optimization of purchases
The case of a leading company in the retail sector
A leading retail company, with challenges in purchasing management due to the complexity of its supply chain and the lack of visibility over its expenses. In close collaboration, we develop a comprehensive solution to address these problems. We implemented a custom dashboard in POWERBI that provided a detailed view of expenses, identifying trends and opportunity areas to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.
We integrated advanced procurement management tools that streamlined vendor management and simplified procurement processes. These tools automated routine tasks, freeing up time and resources for strategic activities. By centralizing and standardizing procurement processes, our solution provided greater control over the supply chain, enabling informed, data-driven decisions.
Thanks to these initiatives, the company achieved:
  • Reduction of purchase costs
    thanks to the initiatives implemented.
  • Improvements in overall profitability:
    The optimization of procurement processes contributed to improving the overall profitability of the leading retail company.
  • Transparency and efficiency in procurement processes:
    The implementation of our solution provided transparency and efficiency in the acquisition process of the leading retail company.
  • Optimization of relations with suppliers:
    The improvement in the management of suppliers allowed to optimize the business relations of the company.
  • Guarantee of availability of high quality products:
    The efficiency in the procurement processes guaranteed the constant availability of high quality products for the company.
  • Strengthening competitive position:
    These improvements not only boosted the company's profitability, but also strengthened its competitive position in the retail sector.
Our work successfully transformed IMECA’s approach to product information management, placing them for continuous growth and success in an increasingly competitive omnichannel environment.
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